Sunday, 18 May 2014

FOUR COUNTRIES IN 4 DAYS. One thing in common: RAIN


What would be the common thing if you got to Belgium, Germany and France in May? I’m telling you it’s the rain and the grey sky.
I left sunny Barcelona on Friday morning, hoping to spend a nice weekend with my friend Velina who lives in Brussels but alas! Wasn’t meant to be! It rained almost all the time. For someone who hates umbrellas I spent a pretty good amount of time holding one! The sun was popping up every now and again but never for too long.

Day # 1. Brussels.
The Royal palace
And its guards

French fries actually originated in Belgium

Graffiti art  is pretty big in Brussles

The famous Manneken Pis, peeing in the fountain

Beginning of the gay quarter

Atomium. Represents a molecule´s nine atoms but magnified 165 billion times

Day # 2. Köln, Cologne, Colonia. Germany

Got dropped off right in front of the cathedral (used carpooling from Brussels). This is actually my first time in Germany! So many years somehow I managed to stay away from Germany but this time I was so close that I couldn´t just not go. Unfortunately the weather wasn´t that welcoming. It rained almost the whole day which limited us a bit with the possibilities of sightseeing so we switched to a shopping mood.

Started the day in Germany with kaffe latte
So German! Lets make sure everyone sees it! Always double check!
Wet wet wet

It is so huge that I couldn´t take a full size photo of it!

Wet chickens in Köln
And another one

In comparison with Hong Kong. Just that Cologne is bit more foggy than smoggy
Day # 3. Lille, France
Since Lille was only 100 km away from Brussels, it is almost a sin not to go there. The train takes only half an hour but it´s quite pricey (38€ return). Luckily friends of Velina took us by car. Of course it rained here too. 
I know it's Belgian but I took it here

Didn´t go to the zoo but could see the monkeys

Choosing the treat
I can´t deny it: the Frenches know how to make pastries

Treat chosen
Day # 4 Brussels again.
And my last day in Brussels I got to do the real shit  :), means to see the European quarter. Visited Velina in her lunch break (working as translator for European Committee), EU administration - checked. European parliament - checked. European commission checked as well.
A must do photo

Number 2 rocks :)
Pharmacy sign in all EU languages
Just to prove it - it´s all wet again! 
Red in Lille and yellow in Brussels!
And last but not least: Team Bulgaria, Audrey Hepburn and köfte soirée
And guess what! I got back to Barcelona on Monday night to find the city wet and cold! The rain has been following me everywhere! Is it contagious or it’s me?

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