Friday, 19 October 2012

AUSSIELAND - Perth to Adelaide or London to Moscow?

Bunda cliffs in Nullabor plain
Eucla sand dunes
One of Foo´s photographic masterpieces 
So cute and lazy
London to Moscow or Perth to Adelaide? 
Not m we didn’t stop at Adelaide, the last stop was Melbourne.uch difference, distance wise, 2700km. And
The driving distances are mind-boggling, the terrain can be challenging but it is so big and offers such a big variety of things to do and see that you easily forget that your bum hurts after a 800 km drive...One of the countries on my "I would always want to go back" list. So many things you can see or do only here and nowhere else around the world. If i have to describe Australia shortly it would be: drive, drive, drive and WOW, amazing. Drive, drive, drive and again: amazing!

Western Australia (WA). On the 16th we flew to Perth to meet Foo at 10 am on the bridge in Northbridge – Foo’s great planning as always…Of course it didn’t happen - our flight was delayed, we got there too late to make on time, couldn’t let him know cos he didn’t have a mobile…Well, there was a backup plan thanks God, so we met up at a hostel nearby. All set..after filling us in on the hostel situation in Perth (everything was full because of the miner’s invasion due to the tsunami in the north) we started looking for a dorm with 3 available beds which was impossible to find. Fortunately, a guy from CS responded positively and we all headed to Lookbelup, a small town near Fremantle.