Saturday, 10 August 2013

VENEZUELA (Part 2). Fifty liters of fuel or a small bottle of water

No age limit while paying last respect to Chavez
Yes, he is dead. And for real this time.
Chavez is dead. long live Chavez!
A month later I was about to enter my favourite country in South America again, the country that impressed me so much, country of absurdity and paradoxes but also of beauty and uniqueness. There is no other one like Venezuela. It´s not touristy at all probably because tourist and backpackers are scared to go since it´s being recognized as one the most dangerous places to visit but also due to the lack of information. Most of the backpackers I´ve been meeting along the way in South America didn’t plan to go there, simply because they had no idea what the country offers. Neither did I. 
One thing was definitely different this time, just a month later after my first visit and I knew it would mark my trip drastically – Chavez´s death. When I was there in January, no one knew if he was dead or alive and there was lots of speculation about it but this time it was official. He died right when we were at the border, coming from Maicao,Colombia, 5th of March 2013.  After two year battle against the cancer, the commander of Bolivarian Revolution met an early death. Here is a link to my post about the first time I came in Vz:  Venezuela with Chavez alive.