The Route

You are never ready to leave! There is always something else you can do to plan or organize better but in the end, you’ve just got to set the date and hit the road. It will all work out just fine in the end!

Born in an ex communist country, I never travelled abroad as a child. We always went to the mountains and the seaside and I had a pretty happy childhood. But with the time, my outlook was growing bigger together with my curiosity for the world. And as soon as I earned my own money, I was out there to explore it! During university, I spent every summer working and travelling in US and actually never stopped after that.

Been to over 110 countries, I´ve always travelled a lot but never more than 5 months.  USA and Europe are not appealing to me anymore. I like the unknown, undeveloped and different!
So finally in June 2011, I quit my job in Barcelona and didn´t come back to Europe for almost 3 years.

SILK ROAD: I decided to do the epic Silk Road trip. The Ancient Silk Routes are now hardly used. They were first replaced by maritime travel and later with other means of transportation. Nevertheless, the charm and magic of the old routes live on. Lost cities, virgin temples and a lot of history await the adventurous travellers who want to experience one of the most impressive itineraries one can imagine.

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Been a few times, still quite some left.

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: Tried to see as much as possible, driving from end to end across the countries, camping and hiking as much as I can.

SOUTH AMERICA: Been here before too so I skipped Brazil this time cause it´s enormous but I really have to be back to see the north. Spent more than a year going from one country to another, from the bottom "end of the world" Ushuaia through "the middle of the world" in Ecuador to the northern tip of the continent in Venezuela.

CENTRAL AMERICA: Instead of going all the way to Mexico as my initial plan was, in Panama I joined the crew on a sailboat and we sailed the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia. I ended up sailing and living on sailboats for 7 months. So Central America is still on top of my list!

SOUTH PACIFIC: Sailed and explored the islands of French Polynesia for 3 months, then Tonga and back to New Zealand on my last Pacific crossing on sailboat number 4 (who would´ve guessed that a year and a half later I will be again in Kiwiland.

BACK TO EUROPE: Japan, Israel, Bulgaria and Barcelona. I'm having my break from travelling now for a few months, just doing little trips in Europe but I think pretty soon I'm gonna be gone again.  (I'm so happy to have my own house and a bed for more than just 4 nights and actually see all my clothes in the wardrobe instead of digging for 5 minutes into my backpack just to find the same old T-shirt, I've been wearing for months)

The route (roughly) on 2,5 years round the world
THE BALKANS summer 2014: Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Montenegro, kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia
3 months in the Blakans
AFRICA: The unknown continent for me...In summer 2015 finally I made it out there - only 5 countries in West Africa and as I knew I loved it. My biggest fear - the mosquitoes weren´t as bad as I thought. Can´t wait to go back