Wednesday, 15 May 2013



I found this boat randomly and joined the crew so now I will be sailing to South Pacific and French Polynesia until mid September. Leaving today from Panama city...Wish me good winds!

Will post about Venezuela, Panama and Costa Rica ....I guess some time this year :).
The crew

COLOMBIA PART 1. Volunteering in Colombia

Cocora valley
December, 10th. The official at the border was nice enough to place the stamp above the Ecuadorian one (of course I had to use my charming smile). Im running out of pages in my passport so if I wanna make it all the way to Mexico, have to be extra careful, plus Colombia already used a whole page for the visa). I reckon that if I manage to fit 6 stamps on every page, I will be alright.

Ipiales is the town at the border with Ecuador where no one stays more than a night. They have one thing though that is worth the stay - El Santuario Las Lojas, a church, build in the rocks. An image of Jesus or the virgin appeared there one day and for that reason it was built at such an unusual place. Met a guy from Holland and together we went looking for a place to stay. Found an ok hotel room for 30 000 Pesos for both (18 US$) and next day headed together to the bus station to take buses to Popayan and Ecuador respectively. 

Tried my first arepa (corn cakes) here, the most typical Colombian food.
Cheese arepas

Saturday, 11 May 2013

VENEZUELA (Part 1). Dead or alive?

Playa Grande. ChoronĂ­
Is he still alive? That was what everyone was asking in Venezuela when I arrived and still when I left. No one knew, some people were convinced that he was already dead and lots were hoping that was true. Officially Hugo Chavez was still in Cuba trying to fight the cancer.

On 11.01.13 I crossed the land border at Cucuta - San Antonio de Tachira.