Sunday, 16 February 2014

TONGA. The last kingdom in South Pacific

The kingdom of Tonga, situated in the heart of the South Pacific, is the oldest and remaining Polynesian monarchy and the only Pacific nation never brought under foreign rule. It occupies 691 sq km of land, spread over 700 000 sq km of ocean. New Zealand lays 1300 nm to the southwest.
From all 171 coral and volcanic islands only 36 are inhabited. We sailed to the main Tongan sail hub Neiafu, also second largest town in Tonga (population of 6000) but with the biggest port in the county. Nested between several low hills, Neiafu is the only town in Vava`u islands groups with any kind of bustle, especially around the market on Saturday. Nuku ‘alofa, in Tongatapu group is the capital.