About me

I´m Elena, and like many others I love travelling.

I travel alone but I'm never alone.

I travel cheap, light and slow.

I love the locals and they love me!

I always have something like a plan but it always changes...

After dreaming about it for a while, I finally quit my job as a Civil engineer in June 2011 and left to travel the world. I kept the dream going for two and a half years and in January 2014 I came back to Barcelona. Now I´m still doing some trips to unknown and known destinations, still not sure what the plan would be.

I`m aware I’m not doing anything extraordinary or never done before, just wanna share my experience and impressions during my trip with all of you. It took me quite a while to collect all the information from others who have done similar trips, traveller’s forums or other sources so I hope what I'm sharing here can be useful to someone.

I'm writing about the people I meet on the road, and my interpretation of the things I see and experience. I hope nobody gets offended, it's just my opinion and my way of seeing the things (but usually with help of the locals so I hope it's not far from the truth). I apologize in advance if I'm wrong.

GOAL: to see as much as possible of the country I am in, meet the people, see how they live, what they are like, get to know them. For others is the food or the party, the adrenalin, the nature...I appreciate all that but for me PEOPLE make the difference.

SLEEPING: Like everybody else I use mostly hostels, guesthouses or whatever cheap accomodation is available in the country. But I also couchsurf a lot, volunteer, camp (not in winter), stay with random strangers. My favourite is to be invited by random locals to their houses, happens quite a lot actually (especially hitch hiking).

TRANSPORT: Anything that moves. I take buses, trains, motorbikes, bikes, boats, sailboats...I hitch hike if possible...I sail
I try to avoid planes and only take them when there is no other option. I went from Europe to Hong Kong by land and from Central America to New Zealand by water (well, took 7 months but TIME is all you have...it´s definitely not money :))))

FOOD: I don´t go to fancy restaurants (usually). I try to eat local food as much as I can and cook whenever possible. I´m quite lucky to have a very strong stomach and never get sick no matter what I eat or drink. If the locals drink the tap water , I drink it too.

If you are planning to travel round the world backpacking or are simply stuck in the office and want to escape and be inspired, I hope that my little website is of some help.