Monday, 12 January 2015

KOSOVO. A newborn country

A self explanatory part from the "NEWBORN" sign in Pristina.            And Peja of course
In Prizren
Kosovo is not on anyone’s bucket list! There is very little known about the country and I was not an exception to the rule. 
It is the youngest country in Europe, born in 2008 after proclaiming independence from Serbia. Serbia rejected this declaration. Countries including the US, Japan, Australia, NZ and most of the European Union sided with Kosovo, acknowledging its independence; many countries, including China and Russia, did not.
With about 93%-96% of Kosovo Albanians in the country  (depends on the source of information), it has almost nothing to do with Serbia in my opinion. I recommend to anyone going to Kosovo, to spend some time with locals (both Kosovo Albanians and Kosovo Serbs). You might hear different versions of the same story but that is normal for such a conflict zone. I am not saying that what you are going to hear is nice or a fairy tail like. Actually quite the opposite, it is mind boggling. But it is the reality and it happened in Europe, not long ago taking much more victims that any other terrorist attack today.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


One of the few not crowded beaches in Montenegro...I am not saying it easy to find them but they do exist!!
Inside the Kotor´s city walls