Sunday, 6 April 2014


I haven't been to Holi Barcelona before and I´ve never been to India so didn't have to think twice whether or not to go this year. We got just the perfect weather - sunny and clear blue sky!

In India the spring is welcomed every year in a very special way: “Holi” is a festival of colors and one of the country’s most important holidays. They don’t just celebrate the change from winter to spring, but also, according to Hinduism, the victory of good over evil – and this is being done in a very colorful way!

Thousands of people, dressed in white, come together to share in music, dance, performance art and visual stimulation. They all paint themselves with bright colors and throw colored powder called Gulal. The main purpose is to have fun and forget all the trouble, and the differences between religions, origins, young and old, rich and poor are blurred for one day. On this day, all people are equal.

The powder has no harmful ingredients and is kind of sweet (it gets into your mouth, nose, ears...under your bra...everywhere). You buy bags of 6 colours, spread them on your face and arms or just throw them in the air. there are also volunteers who are giving away the powder just before the collective colour throwing.
Still white
And after
Before and after

That was blocking my view for quite a while..

Yellow in the air

I had to leave earlier and took the metro home. Since there were not other people covered "in dirt" everyone was staring at me, especially when most of the people didn´t know about the festival. Just provoked some smiles and giggles which is I think is a positive thing :)
I have to say that it was pretty easy to wash the powder away and there were no stains left after the laundry.
Home. Before the shower obviously :)

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