Saturday, 17 May 2014



PLACE: Antalaha, Madagascar

POSITION: Goalball coach ( for blind kids and kids with impaired vision

DURATION: 1 year

VOLUNTEER´S SALARY: 150€/month (3 times the local pay). Accommodation and food are provided. Flight ticket

START DATE: July 2014

GOAL: To train and prepare the kids for the Paralympic games 2016 and prove that these children deserve to reach their full potential and the chance to integrate into the society.

DESIRED SKILLS: Someone RELIABLE and dedicated to the program; Must not be afraid of challenges; Able to live in tropical climates. Knowledge of French would be ideal, English could work too. Knowledge of Bulgarian is highly valued too.

No previous experience as a coach is required, neither work with blind or visually impaired children in the past.

No more applications accepted! Thanks

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